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The children are considered as the future builders of nation. They are the future man power and will lead the nation on the path of peace, progress and prosperity. It is the basic and fundamental right of the children to get food, shelter, medicine, health service, education, love and affection. If the nation fails to bring them up properly, the country lacks better manpower in future. Resultantly, the country lags far behind in the development process. In spite of government efforts, the children on some parts of the country are still in vulnerable and miserable condition. Children are forcefully used in wars, child rights have been encroached. They are ill fed, badly clothed, inhumanly treated, employed in the risky jobs, oppressed and abused. In such critical situation, it’s not good to leave the overall responsibility only to the government which seems to be less directly involved in dealing with the matters in the present transitional period. Viewing the situation, the News Club of Nepal, the government recognized non government organization (NGO) has been providing remarkable financial support to Ratna Shiksha Sadan, residential boarding school in Kathmandu-35 Koteshwor, which has established a separate hostel with sufficient infrastructure particularly to the poor, under privileged, orphans, destitute and low class children of remote areas. It aims at creating awareness among the socially disadvantaged people through the publicity of women literacy, female empowerment, and children education at present. It has been focusing its organizational efforts to provide relief to the children of remote and conflicted areas of the country who are victimized by the violence, exploitation and mistreatment. News Club of Nepal had conducted Flexible Schooling Program (F.S.P.) educational program, constitutional election observation program in past and will continue its social program in future as well.

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